[1.2.7] "Tablet" viewscreen omits right-side tiles [Web]

Not a bug, but definitely something to be cognizant of…

In Web designer (running at full-res and full-screen under Win10 (latest) in Chrome (latest) FYI), the “Max Window” view shown here displays the tiles in Col 5 of a 5-wide Grid:

…whereas the “Tablet” view omits them, without any obvious means (I’ve found none, probably b/c I’m using a mouse?) of scrolling right to reveal them:

Chalk this up to me pressing too many buttons, but in all fairness (to me), I lilterally just found this Max/Tablet/Mobile feature, and had to mash on it a bunch. I’d lay odds it works just fine on an actual tablet!

That’s as designed.

What is occurring here is that the width of the forced tablet view is wider than what your window can show. The same happens for mobile view (in terms of height).

The point of these “tablet/mobile” views is to get a quick way to see how a dashboard will look/feel when viewed on something that is scaled “down” to either a smaller tablet, or even smaller mobile screen size that is not as easily apparent on a full sized desktop/web view.

You’re viewing stuff on a very small web view and so this doesn’t seem to make sense.

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You’ve inspired me to make a change though… in the spirit of making it behave better over being “correct” and now the tablet/mobile mode will scale down to whatever width/height you make available so that they do show correctly in the space available.

e.g. this narrow Desktop window in Tablet mode now shows the correct width of the dash scale to the space available. If you increase the app window it will continue to keep a tablet shape.

FYI - mobile mode’s width is half the height (so it looks portrait) to a max height of 800 pixels, and tablet mode’s height is 60% of the width (so it looks landscape) to a max width of 1400 pixels.

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Boom goes the dynamite! Can’t wait to inspect. Thanks :slight_smile: