[1.2.8] Allowed values in Style CSS & Data input validation generally

I notice that the manual input fields for certain custom style elements permit values in excess of the normal allowable range. For example, here I’ve casually give Bottom Left Radius % a value of 256, with no warnings given:

However, after Saving my work, upon revisiting the same field I see that it has silently been adjusted to the actual max value of 100:

This begs the questions:

(1) Should the allowable range of values be shown in the UI?
(2) Should out-of-range or wrong-data-type entries be auto-corrected?
(3) Should certain bounded variables use sliders for input rather than free-form number entry?
(4) Does LibraSun ask way too many questions (i.e. ‘wait until we’re out of beta’)?

Example of 2 (this threw no error and allowed me to save, but reset to ‘100’ in the background):

All valid. Will eventually be cleaned up, but wanted to get a working Theme editor out.

Will add to the list

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