[1.2.8 build ?] Suggestion: Wizard use CxR initial Grid layout instead of 1xN

Let’s talk TIle layout. When you first introduce Devices into HV using the “multi-room” Wizard, you wind up with N “Room” tiles placed on the Default grid in this fashion:
with all of them stacked in the first column (followed at bottom by the “Go Back” in each “Room” dash), which I’m calling a 1xN layout.

Once the Wizard knows your intention of having C columns (I like 5, but I bet most people use 3 or more), I’d prefer it to arrange the “Device” tiles on the DEFAULT grid in this order:
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
[6] [7] [8]

…and on subsequent room grids as:

[<] [1] [2] [3] [4]
with “Go Back” consistently at the upper-leftmost position (c1r1).

Why? Firstly, because a Default grid with all 16 “Rooms” in a tall tower in Column 1 looks a bit awkward while Columns 2-5 stay empty. And, secondly, because unless the “Go Back” tile is automagically kept at or near the top of each grid, it winds up being “different places” (i.e. inconsistently located), perhaps at the bottom of that 16-tile stack of device tiles!

Hoping I’m not the only one seeing this and thinking it could go differently. I’ve been quasi-OCD about icon arrangement since Windows 3.0 (even led me to invent a silly pseudo-mathematical “proof” about rectangular arrangements in the early 1990s, lol).


That’s because you have EVERY device in a room. If you had any device not in a room, they would show up here and be placed accordingly.

[=] [1] [2] [3]
[=] [4] [5]

Ah, good to know. :slight_smile:

Yep, agree with this view. Probably better to location the subsequent room [<] tile in the top right corner

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Concur. Sorry that I have a hard time stating all these viewpoints succinctly.

But I suspect an area for improvement could be to detect this, and lay the dashlinks in rows first and then columns as there is no other tiles to layout.

Note the wizard isn’t mean’t to be a perfect tool - just a fast way to populate your dashboards and get cracking with laying them out yourself and adding tiles manually etc…

The addition of a Wizard has been a bonus and curse - as everyone wants the wizard to be AI based and figure stuff out on its own LOL

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I didn’t even tl;dr this article, but felt it looked worthy of passing along for fun reading: