[1.2.8] Will the Alias tile ever be unmasked?

Since I couldn’t find an existing post describing the functional differences between Special > Alias Tiles and traditional copied tiles… My first question is: Will this mask indicator be a permanent fixture?

I think I’m right in my understsanding that Alias tiles are special in that they (a) are immutable (cannot be edited directly), thus (b) forever remain an exact “clone” of the parent (updating to reflect changes thereto), and (c) will be removed when the parent gets Deleted.

Whereas a plain Copy becomes susceptible to later Style changes applied to it, and survives its parent’s removal.

Observe that the resizing of a parent tile (left) may cause its Alias(es) to extend overtop an adjacent tile (right), which is normally impossible…

…leaving the latter invisible, as illustrated in this “after” shot:

Should safeguards be put in place to allow what I’m calling “z-number conflicts” a graceful resolution, perhaps by throwing a warning or just scooting the overlapped tile (which may well be on an entirely different Dash!) out of the way somehow?

The “overlapping” syndrome can lead to even more dramatic, unforeseen circumstances, such as when the parent tile (positioned one row down and one column to the right of its Alias) gets resized from 1x1 to 2x2:

…causing the Alias to overlap both it and the two other (unseen, but shadow visible) tiles that had been placed one below, and one to the right of the Alias:

Those other two tiles momentarily become visible while the Alias is clicked during Edit mode, as shown here:

Yep… all valid buggy stuff. The feature for Alias is new and needs more work for sure.

I plan to pull resizing down into the sub menu context and therefore it won’t be a mirrored feature and be part of each tiles editable item (like location)


Always happy for someone to recommend another / better way to indicate the tiles that are “alias”

Marking as [SOLVED]

How about if you prefix he tile name with a special charicter?

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Which name/label should that be??

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On Windows version I do this with the degree symbol, Alt key while typing 0176 on keyboard number pad. As a test I just tried putting in items available from Windows key and . period and that worked.

Are you and @g.slender discussing alternative ways to mark/identify a Tile as an Alias without it having to wear a Mardi Gras mask?

I’d be happy to see such Tiles’ names wrapped in curly braces, as one potential example. (A side-effect may be that Tile names are not allowed to begin/end with curly braces? But is that really a loss?)


I’m not a fan of altering the tile look/feel in ways that can be also done via the tile labels or icons.

Whilst the mask might obscure the tile, and visually be hard to tolerate, it only appears when in edit mode, and will always stand out in a unique way that’s extremely hard to duplicate by accident. Plus it will show up in almost all tile colours and backgrounds.

Until there’s another proposed way to identify a tile as an alias tile, the mask stays :sunglasses:

Oh, only in Edit mode?
I didn’t realize that.
Okay. Nevermind. :slight_smile:

P.S. I’m almost never not in Edit mode. My secret is out…

That looks right to me.