[1.2+] Mirror App device not updating [Win app]

Do any of you guys use Mirror App on HE? I only have a couple of rules under Mirror, one of which copies every state change from “Mermaid Lamp” to “Sofa Lamp”.

But I notice when I turn off Mermaid Lamp in hubiVue, by tapping the left tile, that despite the physical lamp going off and its status changing in HE Devices > status page, no change** at all occurs on the Sofa Lamp tile on the right.

Would love to hear whether anyone else has experienced this, or if it’s yet another “just me” thing that I need to investigate on the HE side.

EDIT: On closer inspection, the Sofa Lamp tile does respond ever so briefly with an Off but then pops back On (the tile, not the physical lamp). Both retain the last set (by me) dimming Level, btw, which I find interesting (and somewhat expected).

**EDIT2: And, sometimes, the mirrored behavior works fine, so this is not 100% reproducible. I should mention that both lamps are plugged into plug-in dimmers, whose Status response times leave something to be desired.

HV will poll MakerAPI every 1/2 second locally, and obtain all the configured devices current attributes. You can see this by selecting a tile and choosing Info. The last updated time reflects this update frequency.

If any tile isn’t showing the correct value, then there isn’t anything HV can do to help with that unfortunately.

I can only submit that the issue is probably with HE and a driver not behaving properly

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Which HE hub and what firmware version? In the latest version 2.3.4.xxx there are issues with rules and I noticed my c7 running slow also

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My C7 is still running, and hadn’t noticed any hub lag. in fact, I’m going to say this is too difficult to tease apart a controller operating issue from network/driver/device misbehavior, so am leaning toward withdrawing it.

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