[1.3.4] Deletes tilestyle lives on [Win]

I haven’t double-checked this across all platforms, but am convinced on the Windows app that a tilestyle I deleted this morning returned later in the day.

It’s called “Slider”, and I only have one Label Tile and one Dash Link Tile assigned this style. My goal in testing was to see what would happen if I delete an assigned tilestyle.

As expected, the Dash Link Tile in question did not change appearance, and I was freely able to re-assign a different tilestyle to it.

Along the way, I clicked SAVE multiple times (not least because the “Slider” style seemed to survive the first “Save”?!), then later closed the app. It was upon restarting the Win app that I now see that the “Slider” style remains listed there:

Should styles return in this manner? And, if so, is it because they are currently “in-use” somewhere?

Could be a bug, but any chance you can have a repeatable case to follow along with? So far it looks to be a random set of circumstances that might be tricky to duplicate - reminds me of the non-showing-Alias bug that was tricky to figure out what was going on with the resizing being blocked (by the hidden tile)

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Possibly related fact:

Funny, moments after posting the OP, I attempted to revisit the Theme Editor and received this warning:

So I wonder if the near-simultaneous expiration of my Trial Version caused the style-chimera fiasco mentioned above.

Wish I could check further for you, but with the now-expired Theme Editor locking me out, I can’t test more scenarios.

Of interest, however, is the fact that I can still SEE all of my Custom Tilestyles in the Tile > Edit > Properties drop-down. Shouldn’t those have disappeared as well?

No, an expired subscription just disables access to the theme editor.

I suspect there is a bug, and I just need to figure out the sequence of events.

OK, now that I can access Theme Editor anew, I see that my custom “Slider” style has vanished from its grid, as we as disappeared from the Tile > Edit > Properties drop-down.

So I think rather than anything “buggy”, my circumstance arose from the oddly close timing of (a) playing around in Theme Editor, vs (b) my subscription ending. Kind of a database synchronicity issue that would thus be hard to replicate in the wild.

But I promise to continue trying to break everything.