[All] Minor UI enhancement: Finer grouping of Tile properties

Behold the “Edit Tile” dialogue (did I use the right word?)…

I’ve been thinking, with the release of 1.3.0 and Custom Commands, it might make sense to split “Actions” out into its own hidden menu.

I’ve also struck out the word “Tile” because, after all, we’re already in EDIT TILE.
“Properties” makes sense for size, placement, macro things.
“Actions” makes sense for commands, other sight/sound things.
“Labels” makse sense for text, but live and static.
“Style/Icon” makes sense for all other things cosmetic.

This part of the UI will be getting changed due to the removal of Size being pushed into the popup-context menu when editing a tile. The idea being that size (like Move) will be done on the dashboard itself - where you can better appreciate neighbours and other obstacles. It will also enable the Alias tile to be sized independently, fixing the bug between the Alias size and its mirror.

So… Long way of saying, have added to the list of future enhancements. :stuck_out_tongue:

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