Alpha in RGB color strings

In Theme Editor, I notice that colors are specified in #AARRGGBB format, rather than (what I consider customary) #RRGGBBAA format, as shown here for an opaque (FF) Black (000000) in BG Color 1:

Functionally, it’s fine. But is this now the (new) norm in HTML settings? If so, I never got the memo.

This is due to the fact the app stores colors as a 32bit integer… which is actually how color is correctly stored in pixels etc. HTML/CSS probably just kept convention of how it started and when alpha was added, they probably decided to add the information on the end… which means it gets moved around and stored as a 32bit number differently.

I’m not sure what is the correct option here, because they’re not CSS/HTML color values, but just easier human readable /copyable values

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