Always greeted with "Hub Offline" on app cold start

Hello Grant, loving the app more every day ! Really incredible what you’ve created.
Suggestion, and I think maybe someone had mentioned, but would it be possible for the hub offline message to not immediately display? Maybe load a cached page of the last dashboard in use, while the app connects in the background, and if no response in say 2000ms(maybe even adjustable ms delay for people with crappy wifi?) from DNS or makerapi, then display hub offline?
Maybe even an option for a configurable background sync, and excepting the app from samsung’s powersaving app-sleep feature? I know wyzecam does it with their app to prevent missed notifications, as the sleeping wyze app was missing notifications and they advise to to change the phone’s settings to except the wyzeapp from sleep or deep sleep.

Even if zero changes are made, this is hands down the best dashboard app. Love the functionality and appearance options. Thank You


I’m 100% in agreement with your suggestion. Going to add that feature right now and along with a bug fix, will be pushing that out in the next 24-48 hours…. Hold my beer :beer:

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v1.2.8 is out and should have a much better connect and start time on cold app startups. Test and let me know if you feel it is working better.

Dang, That was fast ! Working excellent. Tested it and used in actuality-works perfect.
Thank You Grant

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Whilst we’re on the topic of “Hub Offline” more generally, could we possibly get a button of some kind on that screen marked “Retry” or better still, “Connect”?

For instance, if I leave HV open while I perform a f/w update on my HE, this will naturally cause HUB OFFLINE to show up. That leaves me (or worse, a less knowledge household member) having to scramble to figure out how to reconnect. I know it’s just Menu > Click Hub Offline, but will they?

Easier if it’s just a button right in front of them.

It should eventually re-connect, so please review/test that feature if you’re seeing cases where it stays offline when the network conditions change.

I’m not keen on adding another button for a case that should technically be rare, as I’m keen to make the re-connect capablity work fairly quickly (within reason).

I could also add some network change detection on the mobile devices (because they report that state change).

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Define “eventually” … because in the post-update scenario I spelled out above, I think it was a goodly number of minutes later that I re-maximized HV and noticed the “Offline” status still displaying.

Also, does HV monitor the systemStart event that Maker API spits out upon completion of a hub Restart/Reboot? If not, I suggest it do so, at least for this one odd use-case.

Okay, sorry, the auto-reconnect is for transient changes in network connectivity - if you go offline for a long period of time (with HV active) then after 3 attempts, it will no longer retry (assuming you’re offline for good). In which case, yes, you need to click the Menu > Click Hub Offline for the reconnect to occur again. Post a roadmap item and if it gets votes then it will be done.

If HV was able to monitor the systemStart event then it wouldn’t need to monitor it. Think about it.

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