Android app

On my phone I connect to my own hubitat, and i have guest access to other hubitats. But when I want to switch to another hubitats dashboard, I have to rescan the QR code each time (and find them first :wink:
Is it possible to have some kind of ‘history list’ / site list on the logon/connect screen?
That would really help if you want to control multiple systems.

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Good idea, and yes something that can be added to the guest login screen. I’ll add this to the list of enhancements

How would you identify the list of previous Hubitats? As a guest, how do you identify the hubitat that you’ve just logged into?

That would be easy if you could give your dashboard a name and embed that name in the QR code.
The app can then show that name in the list of availabe dashboards/hubitats.

It isn’t really the dashboards that need a name (they all already have one) - but its the instance of the overall account that is associated with the guest account and hub.

Can you outline why you have guest access to other hubitats? Seems odd that you’d have more than 1 or 2 max hubs that you’re a guest of ??

Im not there yet, but my sutuation will be that i’ll be setting my brothers hubitat’s up and managing it for him remotely. I have 2 hubs , and he will have one (or if he actually listens to me two hubs). Although , I would think if one is administrator for someone else, maybe they should keep the master dashboard (but a way to differebtiate would still be needed), and set the owners up.on a guest dashboard, (that may just be a copy of the master).

Not sure what you exactly mean.
But I have my own hubitat in my home, which I fully control.
My brother has 4 different houses, each will get 1 or 2 hubitats. From my phone I want to be able to control the devices of each location (as a guest).
If I need ‘full control’ as an admin, I will be using a vpn and access the hubitat/hubivue directly.

Guest tokens are associated with a single account - not the dashboards themselves (as you’ll see you can create numerous dashboards per account).

I’ll continue to think about how to implement this, but the simple solution would be to print/copy the QR codes into a Word or Google Doc document and put the name of each house next to each QR code, and then just print that out and have it handy.

That was the idea behind the QR code… you can put in on/in anything and be able to easily scan and login to the home - perhaps even at in the hallway of the home for house guests to visit the app store, download the app and scan the QR code to access a restricted dashboard for home control.