Battery tiles?

Some device have batteries, and report the remaining charge. In a hubitat dashboard I can specify the tile to show “battery”. How do I do that here?

You can do that with the lower left or right corner in the tile by changing the override to battery


If you want the “%” after the battery you just need to add that in the suffix field

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This device, the bettery reports voltage. Same process, but use batteryOrg and add a “v” to the suffix instead of “%”



I think I need to employ Clay to write some user guides ! :laughing:

Thanks for that Clay!

Is there a way to adjust styles, like font size, color of labels? I see the canned styles but I would like to increase the contrast a bit on the labels.

ThemeEditor is in the works and the concept is that you take an existing set of themes (more of them to come) and modify/adapt as you need - everything can be tweaked, so hopefully you’ll be happy

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I will be happy, not complaining, just poking at it. Not meaning to be critical.

If that includes backgrounds, some nice dark sky photos would be awesome!

Tell me more…