[BUG] Time warp - clocks showing different time

I had an interesting condition this morning. Notice the time difference between the two clocks (the tablet is the correct one).

Both dashboards worked properly. The lagging clock’s second hand was moving, and was keeping pace with no eratic movement. Also the weather data was up to date on both. The condition persisted until I edited a different dashboard and saved the edit. After a moment all the screens updated and the time warp went away. I don’t know what caused the lag, but I thought I should post it.

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Fascinating! So it looks like the devices are out by 15 seconds? Is that correct? I’ll look into the code but nothing immediately comes to mind as to why that would be.

Actually they are a little less then an hour apart, look at the hour hand.

I think I know what it is. I’ll be making some changes to improve options for configuring the clock, and will incorporate a fix in that update.

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