Button Push values

I added a button device to the list of Hubivue devices via maker api. Under tap actions is it possible to get each of the different available tap choices to show there? Single, double, triple, and Held\Hold?

Currently when I pick this device from the Active Device option instead of the Wizard option, I don’t see where I can type the device name that would normally be at the top. Am I missing something?

Yes, I was missing something. Maybe some small easy UI feature to prevent this. This detail does not make it obvious the user can just simply type in this field value. It gives the impression you need to click the greyed out double square icon to set the value.

For my use case I’m showing the device value coming from Hubitat called “pushed” which is an integer if that makes any difference.

I agree it isn’t obvious, but that seems to be the way most UIs survive… less is more seems to be the trend and users are expected to “try” stuff to figure things out

How about I change the hint label “Top” to “Enter text for Top label” or similar ??

Enter text for Top Label below might do the trick. Assuming you mean where you now have the word Top above that field.

The word below would be confusing - maybe here ??

The hint text, isn’t below non existent text.

Frankly, this level of instruction in the hint text is way beyond what is normally required.

I think there has to be some level of implied understanding, as most users can figure it out - as you did.

If you study a lot of UI you will notice that less is more when it comes to assisting with text and labels. Even with elaborate information, someone will always interpret it the wrong way

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I highjacked my own initial request here by going into UI.

Is it possible to get these button values and functionality on a tile?

I’ll look into what other actions are possible

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