Can DashLink auto name the label?

Guys, perhaps I’m expecting too much here, but when I got to playing with Special Tiles and finally created a Dash Link type tile, I fully expected it would label itself with the name of the target “Room” (here, would have been “Testing” above the red underline).

Also notice that it did not automatically assign itself the same “waffle” icon that traditional Dash Link tiles (underlined in blue) are given. I even went a step further, into Edit mode and tried assigning the “waffle” icon, but honestly could not find it among my choice.

“Me” problem? Or missing smart tile logic? Or expecting too much?

Where would it assume the room name from? A dash is not related or tied to a room… the devices are marked with room information, but there is no “dashboard” room information. A dash link tile is a special tile that can change to/from dashboard - so how would hubiVue know what dash link you are creating and label it accordingly? The name label is in the same editing space as the dashboard link, so if you changed the dashboard, should the app overwrite your label ? If the label is blank, is it fair go to overwrite it? and after you select your first dashboard, should I overwrite it again? What if you labeled your dashlink top label “My Special Tiles” and then changed where that dashlink points to another dashboard… do I overwrite it then?

I think you’re expecting way too much in terms of what it can automatically label for you… but happy to here some thoughts on how this could work better.

That’s a fair expectation and I can easily add the waffle icon to the default behaviour when creating that kind of tile.

I’m looking at the dialogue (will spare you screenshots, but took them), and see that the Tile Properties > “Opens Dashboard…” field is populated with the selected destination “Room” (“mob_3365Living Room”), but the Labels > “Top” field defaults to “DashLink Tile”.

I guess tl;dr of my OP is … Could “Top” inherit from “Opens” AT DASH CREATION TIME? (Otherwise must edit manually) Thereafter, leave alone, of course.

P.S. Also sorry I keep calling it “Room” what you call a “Dash”.

No, because that’s just the name of the dashboard at the top of the list/drop down - it is no more valid a label for the dashlink then “DashLink Tile”. It may only ever be correct 1/nth of the time that you wish to create a dashlink that actually points (by default) to the correct dashboard.

As mentioned before, it wouldn’t be correct to change the label everytime you change the dashboard that the dashlink points to - it would be equally as annoying.

Was thinking more like:
Opens.OnChange() {
set Label.title = Opens.title;
but only the first time you create that Special Tiles > Dash Tile!

Think more about this - it will be right on 1/nth dashboard times though. It won’t be correct very often and probably not worth the hassle.

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We may be speaking at cross-purposes, unfortunately. In lay terms, I’m saying, if I make a selection (of which Dash the Tile will link to…) in the upper field, I’d like that selection’s text to be auto-copied into the lower field.

Dunno if I can spell it out any more clearly, but I definitely don’t mean for this process to recur on future edits. Only during initial Wizard creation of said Dash Tile.

But think about how that works…

You open the edit screen and choose a dashboard called “Bedroom 1”… and then think, nah, it should “Bedroom 2” and then look at the label, and it says “Bedroom 1” - how many times do you think people will complain that the label isn’t correct !?

Honestly, not worth the coding hassle and the support issues.

The only way this would work is if I can control the flow - like a wizard, and ask you which dashboard? and then take you to the next screen where you get to label it before accepting… if you don’t like the dashboard, you go back two steps and when you select it present with the label overwritten again… and you update it, again.

I can’t see another way that’s 100% perfect.


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Latest release has this implemented

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@LibraSun you assume that all dasboard links are tied to rooms. The very nature of the guest dasboard is counter to that assumption. In my case, I have a “guest” dashboard for my wife, with certain devices she wants control of through out the house. If she had to go into each room to then click on the devices in that room, I would never get her to use it. Then I would be fighting a batrle of her using her old dashboards (which I no longer maintain or update) or even worse her manually turning things on and off. I don’t agree that dashboards should Automatically name themselves by room. There are just way to many variables and use cases in which that would be a problem or hassle.

As for the waffle icon. That’s kinda funny, those drove me nuts. It didn’t take me long at all to replace those with icons that represented each room.


I realized belatedly that I tend to use the words “Room” and “Dash” interchangeably in the context of hubiVue, mostly because I just started using the app this week, and it so happens all of my Hubitat devices are assigned to rooms. That led to my Default (main) dash just looking like a bunch of “Rooms”.

In the “Guest” situation you describe, I wouldn’t set that up with the same “Multiple Room” setting in Wizard that I used. Instead, the “Single Room / All Devices” nicely accommodates the setup you’re describing.

As for the “waffle” icons, I don’t love them either. But the aim of mentioning them had to do with consistency across the UI. As in, whatever was good for the first 20 Dash tiles, should apply to the 21st one I create manually. That’s really all I was asking.

Another mea culpa: It takes all my effort not to call Tiles “icons” LOL!

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Most, (but not all) of mine are also in rooms, but I do have some dashboards that are basically groups of certain devices, not necessarilly in a room, like that outside dashboard. Has devices that are both in the “outside” room, but also some environmental devices. The environment dash has devices that are both inside and outside for environmental monitoring. I guess the alternative would be to set up and “environment” room, but then there would be devices that should be in other rooms and eventuly it would becom a jumbled mess.

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