Can I self-host or load hubiVue from a local web address, just like the Hubitat built-in dashboard?


I have a wall-mounted tablet with Fully Kiosk Browser installed. It loads the Hubitat built-in dashboard via a local web address.

The setup is quite simple, but it gives an excellent user experience and is rock solid. In particular, the Fully Kiosk Browser app will use the built-in camera to detect if I’m approaching the tablet. It will then turn on the screen and display the dashboard instantly. As soon as I move away from the tablet, it will play a custom screensaver for a minute, and then it turns off the screen automatically.

I’m not too sure why I need the native hubiVue iOS or Android app. So I wondered if it’s possible to self-host or load your web app via a local URL without using the native mobile app.


You could, but it wouldn’t be supported. You’d need to grab all the files from our website, and then host it on your own website, and then the browser would need to run with CORS disabled.

Technically it could be done, but I’m unable to support this for a range of reasons.