Can we optionally ignore response?

I have several zigbee bulbs and switches (all sengled) that sometimes report status after a command slowly. So what happens is I click the dash tile to turn a light on or off, it does it, turns off or on BUT the dash tile never changes, or there is a significant delay. In the mean time I have to keep clicking it, especially if I am not home because it appears to not have happened.

I had a similiar issue with Alexa. I would tell her to turn a light on or off and she would complain that it has not responded. Well, she has a flag where I can tell her to ignore response and just be happy.

I would like to tell hubivue to do the same, only on specific tiles. A flag I can choose which tells hubivue to just change the tile to “ON” if it was off and I click it. I want hubivue to always send the command always, just not wait to change the tile, if I selected that option.

Make sense?

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If I’m not mistaken, you’re alluding to the “Watched attribute” feature of HV. Edit the tile > Properties > Tap > (leave Toggle On/Off) but change “Watch” to “None”.

Hope this works!

I am pretty sure if I change watch to none it will not do anything when I do tap it. I still want to tap to switch on and off… For some devices that I know either don’t respond or do so slowly, I want it to switch the icon etc to off if I clicked on, regardless whether the device responded or not.

I think I understand the issue.

The command to “switch on or off” is actually being sent immediately, but hubiVue’s visual indicator is still showing off and the user thinks they need to tap again to turn it on. If the status of the “on” light is never sent then the dashboard will show it off.

The problem we have is that MakerAPI is still responding with values of “off” for that device. So how long does hubiVue ignore these values and stay in the switched “on” state for?

You need to think this through.

If a person then physically switches the light off, your dashboard will report the light as being on. So for how long do we keep ignoring the reported state and keep assuming that the last dashboard status is correct?

What if you switch the light on and then quit the dashboard and reopen it again. What do I do then?

Lots of conditions to consider if we offer a case where ignoring the hub status is considered correct.

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But to answer your original question - yes, I could add an option to ignore for a set period and just show the switch as changed immediately. After X milliseconds I’d then start allowing state updates to reapply (and hopefully that would match the last switched state)

That would work as long as I choose to do that or not on a per device basis. I know which devices have these issues and I would want to remove it if the issue on my end is resolved.

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