Can we save the Guest Link's QR Code image?

Random Q: Would it be possible to make it so users can save/store the QR code associated with a given Guest account?

Currently, the QR code cannot be right-clicked to perform a “Save Image As…” maneuver, nor opened in another browser tab.

I suppose a work-around would be to intercept or fwd a copy of the Invite email, which I presume contains the same QR code graphic.

(You will ask “Why?” Because I may want to include said QR code image in a tile on HV so houseguests have immediate access to their dash(es). Edge case? Yes. Something I want to test? Also yes.)

Believe it or not, but pasting an image to the system clipboard is a total mess across all the various platforms… it would take an unreasonable amount of effort to implement the many different methods of OS API calls and data formats to make this work. I can paste text string, but an image binary file requires an order of magnitude more effort that I’m not willing (yet) to climb into.

So for now, the best option is for you to screen capture using your phone or desktop snippet tools - easy enough to do, and what would take you a few mins will save me weeks of development and testing to make it reliably work across 5 different platforms.

Sometimes I wish I just supported 1 platform :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh-oh, let me 'splain a bit further. I don’t need HV to do the copying. I just wondered if the image could be made COPY-able somehow. It currently feels “prohibited”.

FOR NOW, the Screen Capture work-around is more than suited to my needs!

Then again, maybe I should have asked whether the QR image could be optionally copied into the user’s image cache, such as currently happens when they upload backgrounds.

Regardless, lowest of priorities. And happy to relegate to my “Wishlist” thread instead.

MEA CULPA: I thought users could upload images for use as Tile backgrounds. Seems not to be the case. Images are for Dash backgrounds only, and must be referenced by URL.

That is actually the problem - apps “send data” to the operating systems copy/paste buffer (what we call the clipboard). Accessing that buffer is different on iOS vs Android vs macOS vs Windows vs Web. They all have massively different ways for handling byte image data. Text string is easy, but sending “an image” is something that each OS does in completely different ways. What is an image anyway? What format? What pixel depth? and how big? Is video allowed?

Take for example, where do you send the image data on the web? There is no “store it in the browsers photo library” for web apps, but there is that concept on iOS and Android (though each handle it differently). Same with desktop - both macOS and Windows handle images as files that are saved on the filesystem (which is a concept missing on mobile devices) - but the location is different on each OS.

It is just an inconsistent mess, that right now isn’t easy to unpack or solve without a lot of work and research to make consistent in the way I’d like to support.

As such, for now, the solution is to ask the user to screenshot capture the app screen and crop the image as required - yep, seems a bit nasty, but it works and the solution is solved for the small number of times it will probably come up.

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Now these two points could be tidied up and made more consistent - as there is no real reason why the Image Tile can’t point to a list of uploaded dashboard backgrounds (just didn’t think anyone would want to do that).

I can also add an option in the Image Tile to show one of the many Guest QR codes as the “image shown”. That’s all possible and fairly easy to do.

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I say wait for a normal person to make that/those requests, and ignore me for now. Just thinking along the edges of the box as befits my job description.

All’s good!! Move along… and thanks, G!

Follow-up question: Did we conclude that viewing the QR Code on an Android phone’s camera app may not always cause the HV app to start up? Mine just defaults to a web search for hubivue:absdhjk123

Correct. I have not thoroughly tested or confirmed that scanning the QR code with the camera when hubivue is installed that it will or won’t open the app correctly on any mobile platform OS.

Code is mostly there but probably has bugs.

QR Scanner (built into hubiVue) when you tap the green round scanner button next to Guest Code launches a camera scanner, that will read the QR code and enter the token etc…

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Makes so much more sense now thx!