? Can weather tile slow loading store down the whole dashboard? Answer is NO!

I’ve resisted posting this, but lately the lags are pretty bad. My wifi is a 3 satellite Orbiting wifi6 with connectivity in my driveway. Anyway I use the dashboard to disarm when coming home, and it’s been lagging pretty bad. Tonight it appeared that the weather tile lag in loading was making the entire dashboard “wait in line” until the weather finished. I was standing in the house for 25 seconds and unable to disarm, and had to use the keypad…so 2012 right.
So is this even possible and if not is anyone else seeing the lagging? It seems the lagging was bad from day 1, then it got better, then worse, then fantastic, then okay and the last couple months it’s been pretty bad.i was being lazy and hoped someone else would report it if they were seeing the same.
Anyway if no one else is seeing this, maybe I should uninstall and reinstall?

Or just remove the weather tile?

I’m actually glad you brought this up - as it is an important topic to discuss.

The network calls for things like Weather and the Hubitat MakerAPI data are all asynchronous - meaning they don’t block other activity from occuring on the device/app and occuring in the background independently of each other etc. So the weather API calls are waiting for a response and so would be the MakerAPI calls.

The issue you are seeing is probably more likely a challenge around the network edge - ie is the phone on the Wifi and is that 100% available at the very point at which the network call was made. If the 3G or 4G service was more reliable at that point in time, then the return connection will still be held on that service - ie you started a communication to the weather API or cloud.hubitat on a Telco carrier’s public IP and will be held to that until either a) the service provides a valid response or b) the communication timesout and trys again on whatever service is available (which might be WiFi).

Another complexity is that hubiVue can decide to either connect locally (super quick) or via the cloud.hubitat service (a fair bit slower). The path for choosing is determined by the app constantly polling for whatever local IP address you set for the hub - it trys this local IP every 5 seconds (a value I felt was reasonable given you don’t wish to chew up battery on a phone trying to reconnect every 250ms). Note that this itself will have an impact depending timing of everything etc.

I suspect most of the issue is related to the WiFi being available as far out as the street when realistically it probably should be closer to the house where you have devices - the phone is likely trying to grab hold of a fairly weak signal that perhaps isn’t helping.

As a test, disable your Wifi on your phone when you next go for a drive and see when you return (confirming Wifi is still off) if the delays and reconnect are better or the same.


Thanks Grant, some very valuable information, and glad to hear that it is asynchronous. After the update I did yesterday with HubiVue, it seems back to fantastic.
I’ll continue to observe and hopefully have useful feedback.

In my driveway I have -76dBm for 5gHz network & -58dBm for 2.4gHz, so the signal is not too shabby, provided my Note 20 is able to rapidly and effectively select the best signal. Somehow in doing this I’ve discovered the WiFi signal at my front door is LOWER than in my driveway ! Now I guess I need to reposition &/or adjust the transmit power on my Orbi satellites.
Thank you again for all your tremendous work !!

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My pleasure and always happy to encourage discussion about the app and ways we can improve it

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