Cant figure out why tile properties width and height are locked

Is anyone else noticing that width and height are not accessible if you edit a tile property and try to change either of those values? In the previous beta version I would find one of those 2 values locked while the other would be available.

Now on 12.9 12095 both appear to be locked. This is on Android, iOS and Windows.

Curly says YES ! I noitssed dis too. Whaat did you do Larry? Gonna get Moe to give it a good smack, “that’ll teach ya”

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If a tile has a neighbour that prohibits both width or height being expanded, it will be locked in either one or both directions.

Never mind us knuckleheads, we can barely make it through a doorway without crashing into one another. Far be it for us to tell Tiles to “SPREAD OUT!”

Funny you guys ran into this “locked dimension” issue while I was busy yesterday showing how Alias Tiles can very easily overlap their neighbor.

Pretty sure Grant will be putting the kibosh on this nonsense before thou canst say “Ticonderoga”. That is, if thou canst say “Ticonderoga”.

“Why you knuckleheads…I oughtta smack ya in the head with a tile, you numbskulls”

–stealing Moe’s line

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