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Hello friends,

I have two questions.

  1. How can I see the icon of my contact sensor when the door is open or closed? in my case nothing comes out.

  2. Do you have any other means of payment other than Google Pay or Apple Pay?



To clarify your question, are you asking how to change the icon when the device’s (a contact sensor) attribute changes from open vs closed?

Not currently and unlikely given the complexity and effort involved in setting up payment arrangements in foreign currencies. Would you be comfortable in sending me your credit card details for a transaction in Australian currency?? I didn’t think so, and so the stores offer the best option for you to buy in your local currency and country

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Thanks for answering.

If I am definitely going to buy your product, no other dashboar out there convinces me including the Hubitat native.

My question about the icons is, if it is dynamic, that it changes its state by changing the icon, such as a door.

My other question is, does it have the ability to embed video from my IP cameras that I have on the network?


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Yes, I currently do this. You have to edit the tile.
Edit mode->Appearance->Conditional override

There are tons of functionality tucked in many areas, requiring some reading or poking around in the app.


Yes and no.

You can show a photo and refresh every N seconds, and you can have a tile open a link to a url of the video. But currently, there is limited support for embedding video streams directly into a tile surface


I didn’t see the IP camera video thing on the roadmap. Is it in one of our probable futures?


Definitely. iOS and Android initially, and probably Windows too. Each platform handles video rendering significantly differently unfortunately