Creating a Weather-based ultraTile™

Using just a handful of the attributes afforded by the HE community device driver called Weather Info, I was able to concoct this basic ultraTile™ in hubiVue:

Among the immediate challenges I encountered – though none of them proved to be a showstopper – were:

  • Getting light text to present well atop a light background;
  • Locking down tile positions so they don’t “scatter” when adding new tiles (this is a very common problem for me on HV);
  • Introducing a “live” background image URL on the Theme level, rather than confined to an Image Tile (as I was forced to do here);
  • Inability to overlap tiles, even slightly, for tighter groupings;

As for basic functionality and aesthetic, nothing I’ve done here is “hard”. Such a design is limited solely by your imagination!

That’s great, so what would you like me to add / improve to make this look better ??

Is the list above (bullet list) the wish list ?? Some them are not worded as an improvement really, but more of what you struggled with 0- ie light text on light background (isn’t that just a poor choice on your part - not sure what you’d want improved in HV)

As for text presentation, since there’s no way to judge in advance how a “live” background will look, one cannot reasonably gauge whether to use dark or light fonts. Thus, my only suggestion would be to employ (or offer as an option) a thin, contrasting outline for text and/or icons.

The only other solution, which you’ve already anticipated (but I don’t especially like using, particularly with ultraTiles) is to set each Tile’s background color manually in a contrasting color. To me, that’s overkill.

Now, as for tiles flying hither and yon while I’m trying to place subsequent tiles, that’s a perennial issue (for me) on HV. I spend a goodly portion of my design time chasing the damn things around, actually.

Really? I’d love to understand what the issue is here. They only move “away” because you’re forcing another tile in their spot. If you move the “moving tile” to another location, the tile that flew away, will fly back (as long as you are still dragging the “moving tile”). So not sure what the issue is, as its a pretty universally common way to move tiles on a grid around. An alternative could be to offer a tile-lock mode where all the existing tiles are locked, but that means you’d be unable to drop a tile unless the space is already unoccupied (which would get tiresome in some cases).

That’s a possible addition that can be added to the tile theme and style features used universally. I’ll look into how “possible” it is and let you know.

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It’s complicated, and in no small part a “me” problem insofar as I may build dashes bass-ackwards from how normies do it. I’ll start a new topic on this . . .