Dashboard in a dashboard

Good day all,
I have a few switches and controls that I would like in a group within a particular dashboard.
for example; my brother has some mobility issues and has limited use of his arms, he cannot operate a harmony remote but can use his fingers to hit buttons on his ipad. I created buttons to turn on various things on the main entertainment system for him. I would like them in there own dashboard but located in the living room dashboard.
Can I do this?

Yes, you can put as many dashboards within dashboards - use the Guest Management and invite your brother using his email as a Guest. The app will send his account a QR code (that you can use too) that provides a Guest token to login and limit the access to the Dashboad, and associated Dashboards that you want linked. The Guest profile cannot edit nor view Dashboards via the dialogs… only via Dashlinks Tiles - so that’s how you restrict access. You can even put a schedule or disable it etc.

I would create this on our Fire tablets or the shared ipads that we use as controllers for the house as he lives with us.
Hmm, perhaps I am doing something wrong then, I created a dashboard in the living room dashboard but if I click on it, it will not open to anything. I am probably doing something incorrect in the dashboard creation.

Hard to say without knowing how exactly you “created a dashboard”…??

The concept is that you create a Dash Link that points to whichever new or old Dashboard you want it to be linked to… Dash Links are just tiles with a single purpose of opening/changing the current active dashboard to whatever dashboard you have defined in the list of dashboards.

Guest Management is ideal for shared iPads or house Tablets - as it means the users (whomever they are) cannot edit a dashboard and can’t venture in dashboards that you don’t have specific Dash Link tiles for… keeping the flow and structure tight, and layout is correct for widescreen landscape devices where you want 8-9 tiles wide.

Wellllllll…see a couple words in to the reply and I knew my error and will correct it when I get back to my den. (will expand after testing).

WRT Guest Management , thanks for the explanation and will look at that as well.
thanks your time with this!