Device Groups?

Hi. I just got hubiVue installed and working with my Hubitat. I added a shade device group called “Great Room Shades” to the MakerAPI config and hubiVue created a dashboard called “Great Room” and added a tile called “Great Room Shades” with position slider icon.

However, when I select the tile, nothing happens. I also added each of the individual shades as well and, when I click on one of the tiles, the shade opens or closes.

So, two questions:

  • Why did hubiVue create a dashboard name “Great Room”?
  • Why don’t the shades move when I click on the tile associated with the “Great Room Shades” group?


MakerAPI doesn’t really provide sufficient detail to automatically know what to do with a device group - ie should it be treated like a switch or blind with on/off or open/close

In this case, use the Tile Wizard and make sure you set the purpose as required that matches the capability of the device.

You may need to experiment to figure it out

Also, hubiVue is highly flexible, but the wizards hide that away to a degree - so make sure you look into the Overrides in the tile edit screens which show you how the tiles visuals and Actions for how you wish the tile to respond

We should be able to make it work, it will depend on what specific outcome you are looking for

If you need something specific, we even might be able to tweak the app to help you achieve that goal

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Because it was defined in a room called “Great Room” - you can add tiles manually, or even create dashboards without creating a room too

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Because a Tap or Hold Action needs to be defined that matches the device command capabilities

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