Did you know…? Icons have style, too

So, I was messing around some more with Edit > Style > Icon and realized what the Lightning Bolt means… Advanced Icon Options. It’s where you can style the icon even further!

Who knew? I didn’t know!

Good question. Maybe it should / could be moved to the Icon section of the edit sheet… should be too difficult, and if you don’t have an icon chosen (ie none) then I won’t display the additional content

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Would mean changes to icon colours and style could be seen in the mini tile window, live in the theme style too.

Good thinking. And truly cool feature, I must say! I see lots of potential here for “animating” my Dashes.

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I stumbled on it (knew the feature was there, but not how to get to it). I’ve been using it for a while. At first i dup colored all my icons. About 3 days later I went back to mostly white because it was down right garrish with everything colored.

I also like the differen thickness options for white/ line icons.

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