Display of certain Emojis is problematic

I don’t really know how to pin this down to a particular topic, except to jump right in with…

Some of these emoji characters :purple_square::yellow_square::orange_square::blue_square::red_square::brown_square::black_large_square::white_large_square::green_square: refuse to display as shown

Specifically, the ‘Black Square’ and "White Square’ characters, if used alone in Labels, appear not as :black_large_square: and :white_large_square: but as the filled and empty squares depicted in this screenshot:

This is happening in WinApp 1.6.x, with the net effect that they take on the Middle Label’s color, instead of Black or White. The replacement characters happen automagically upon being pasted there.

Any clues how to prevent this? And does it affect all platforms?

First of all, there is no such thing as Emoji in fonts. The concept of Emojis are images that are replacing certain string character combinations… the one we all know is the colon : and the closing parenthesis ) which when placed togther is known by certain apps (such as this forum) to be replaced with the smile :slight_smile: icon

hubiVue does not have built in support Emojis - there is no concept of replacing the a colon and parenthesis into a similey image face.

So not really sure what you’re doing or trying to do.

Do you mean ANSI characters? In which case, can you point me to how you’re generating them.

I believe these characters are known as UNICODE and can be readily found on websites like EmojiPedia. IIRC, they are 2-byte symbols.

Unfortunately, not all fonts support all unicode characters.


As per OP, they are supported and display fine in the aggregate; only two of them wig out when used separately and I haven’t found the reason. Will experiment further.