[DONE] Add "Edit Tile Style" shortcut

Could not until today think up precisely how to frame this request, but here goes… My brain turns to mush after 30-50 round trips to Theme Editor > (remember what Style this Dash or Tile is using) > Tile Style > (make edits) > SAVE > look at TIle > click > Edit > (decide changes are needed) > Exit > Theme Editor > Tile Style > etc.

So I’m proposing a new button in the Tile > Edit space that launches you directly into the corresponding Style editor, for quick tweaks:

Want the Bottom Left text to be right-justified? Click the button.
Want the Middle text to be smaller? Click the button.
And so on . . .

Me like it. I voted. Make sure you do too!

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The next beta will contain this new feature…

  • From a tile you can edit both the GlobalStyle of the theme and the Tile Styles within the theme.
  • PLUS you can now edit “Custom” style that only applies to that single tile (for those minor tweaks)


Wow, game changer here. That’s gonna be FUN with a capital AF!

Let me be among the first to sing the praises of the new Tile > Custom Style editing feature. Using it, I was able to create precisely the look I wanted (shown) in just a couple of minutes …

… rather than 20 minutes of back-and-forth-fidding!

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