[DONE] Add option to 'Open URL' without using Browser

Today I realized that there will be times I’d like to tap a tile and have it send a URL (such as a Rule Machine cloud endpoint) without opening it in a browser.

Accordingly, I’m hereby requesting the addition of a Send URL action that could fit nicely after Open URL in the existing drop-down list:

Further, it’d be ultra-sweet if the user could insert two different URLs (one for Local connection, the other for Cloud/Remote) and let HV decide which one to send based on connection status. (That same logic might already apply to Open URL, but I’ll leave it for others to make such an argument.)

NOTE: Naturally, to keep things neater/simpler, both actions could be rolled into a single picker Open/Send URL and just include an “Open in browser / Send silently” toggle inside the Edit dialogue.

k thx bye

So this would be an option to send Get requests and potentially Post requests (with I suspect some kind of payload) ??

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Bingo! And, no, I won’t ask that HV ever capture the called server’s/device’s/hub’s response (that’s still the domain of RM or task-built logic engines like Reactor). But by letting users silently send out these HTTP calls, they can directly control network-connected gear or even trigger Rule Machine rules which have “endpoint” Triggers set up.

Implemented. Will be in the next release.

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