[DONE] Multiple hub locations

I am trying to migrate from Vera and have setup Hubitat hubs in two different locations. First hub is setup with several Hubivue dashboards. Now for the second hub. I can’t seem to add two local ip’s or maker API in Hubivue.

How do I switch hubs, similar to Hubitat dashboard or Vera?

Is there a way create a separate dashboard for both locations? I don’t want to HubConnect the two locations.


Currently, we do not support more than 1 hub per account, so to use two or more hubs you need to create another account and login/logout as needed (yep, not ideal I know).

But, this is on our roadmap to implement, so please vote and confirm any specific way you’d like this added - ie are you looking to create a single dashboard that tiles from either hub (which adds complexity in terms of what if one hub is offline vs both online etc)… or do you wish to just switch profiles between two different hubs/locations within hubiVue so you don’t have to login/logout from two accounts?


For my setup, a simple way to switch hubs would suffice. Better yet, no hub switching and display separate dashboards for each hub under 1 login. For me, its not necessary to combine devices from separate hubs onto one dashboard. I could easily get by without combining hubs onto one dashboard.

This might be another instance of where a (future, long-term roadmap) hubiVue Helper™ app running on HE might come in handy. Namely, the task of sending controller info to the mothership for inclusion with HV, which once assembled, would allow HV to interoperate with multiple hubs (as well as multiple Maker API instances). Could become a very popular feature!


This has been implemented in v1.6