[DONE] Override background image/color etc in a Dashboard

As a suggestion, it would be nice to simply change the image in an existing theme I have setup within a dashboard instead of having to create a new theme every time I want a new image.

Maybe put the image override option somewhere in here? Thanks for the consideration.

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You’re referring specifically to the built-in (preset) Themes? Something tells me they are meant to remain uneditable, as Custom Themes are a feature of the Paid version. Just a theory.

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Understand that and I agree. I like the Sunshine Beach theme, however it would be nice to have the flexibility to change the background image.

Right now I have 3 dashboards with this theme, but I’d like each of them to have their own unique image. In order to do this, I have to copy the theme 3 times, tie a new image to each of the 3 themes, and then associate each theme copy with each dashboard.

It seems like it would make more sense (in this case) to have an easier way to change the image without having to copy the theme, associate an image, and then associate it again with the appropriate dashboard I want.

My thinking would be to be able to associate or override the theme image at the dashboard level. Seems more straightforward and a lot less hassle then the current behavior just to change an image.

(As one who abhors ‘clutter’…) Fully agree with you on all points!

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Wish I had the talent you had to make dashboards, you’ve made some really cool stuff. Look forward to seeing a few of your items on the hubiMarket :slight_smile:

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Aw, man, if that compliment was directed at me, you just made my day.

I treat my dashboards like Navajo sand paintings: Make them, massage them, show to others, then destroy. :slight_smile:

My purpose here is primarily to bust hubiVue’s kneecaps and then send a doctor’s note to @g.slender for remediation. If I could honestly come up with a day-to-day use for dashboards in real life, I’d stop playing and create something more practical.

Incidentally, this message hit my mailbox just as I was recreating a “better” Lights Out game in hubiVue, using some new Rule Machine techniques learned back on the Hubitat Forum, lol.


@LibraSun - Yessir, that comment was directed at you.


If this was a task that you’re likely to do regularly (ie change backgrounds amongst many dashboards regularly kind of weekly etc) then I’d accomodate the programming task to help make this easier, but right now, it isn’t that difficult to complete, and the benefit of making it part of a theme, is that if you use that theme across many dashboards (which is very likely) then you have 1 place to update it vs many places.

Happy to consider a popup mini menu that can fast track certains steps - like you tap the them palette icon and a menu pops up that maybe has the following…

  • Switch Theme
  • Change Background
  • Edit Theme
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Yeah, if there’s an easier way where I can use the same theme across multiple dashboards with the option to change the background image, that would be good.

Right now I have three rooms or dashboards setup with the sunshine beach theme. I have a unique image I would like to use for each of the three rooms.


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I’d probably like to understand why you’d have the same theme (ie everything is the same) but the only change being the background image ??

The icons…etc in the theme (in this case, Sunshine Beach) are fine with me. To differentiate the dashboards, having a different image as to make them unique is my preference. Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Outdoor.

I understand the thinking may be to change themes to make the dashboard look different, but I don’t need it to be that radical. Simply changing the background image and using the same theme seems reasonable to me. Sunshine Beach’s theme layout and icons work well with the background images I have.

So I take “Sunshine Beach” …use it in all my rooms. Then for instance:

Living Room Dashboard: Having a living room background
Kitchen: Kitchen background

…etc etc. It would be nice to have this flexibility without creating a bunch of overhead/redundancy/management by having to duplicate Sunshine Beach for every dashboard I want and having to edit the background images for each theme copy.

Okay, I’ve got a rough view on how to accomplish this, so will add this to the Roadmap and with enough votes it will be done. Vote on this here!

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@LibraSun - You in for this enhancement? Smash that vote button…:slight_smile:

Hey !! No gaming the system :laughing:

I can’t vote for this in good conscience, if only because what’s being sought is already easily achievable. IMHO, it’d be like asking Grant to redraw the line he chose to delineate his freemium model. Sorry, bro!

Looked at another way, about 80% of my “asks” turned out to be stuff I could already accomplish a different way, and I was a better person for it. :slight_smile:

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