[ENH] Allow multiple Devices per TIle

Others have requested various versions of “multiple this” or “multiple that” as it pertains to Tile appearance or function, and we even recently got a “multiple tile” Tile called the ultraTile™ which is essentially a mini-Dash posing as a Tile on another Dash. Which is great, but . . .

I’m here to ask for the ability to connect a single Tile with multiple devices so that:

  • Label overrides can pick from attributes belonging to different devices;
  • Tap actions can be assigned to command different devices;
  • Style overrides can occur based on, yep, attributes chosen from among any one of the connected devices;

Dunno if this is asking too much, but it’s integral to one of my ultimate dashboard design goals, for which the only workaround (in HE Dashboard app) was to overlay two Tiles, so that one captured my taps while the other displayed changing device attributes, often with a Rule running in the background to tie everything together.

Tryna simplify my life here. :slight_smile:

This would require a MAJOR rewrite of the UI for editing tiles. So not impossible, but a lot of effort.

The underlying dash and tile architecture could handle it fairly easily - so it’s really the changes to the tile editing that’s making this an unattractive enhancement.

I hear you, and while it’s not a showstopper, I’m gradually (actually very quickly) exhausting all the alternatives. Currently, there is no direct way to both ACT ON (tap action) and REACT TO (style override) a particular automation unless it involves one and only one linked device.

If I want Tapping to turn ON an RL activator, but wish for the same Tile to change its Icon based on the status of just one of the lights turned on/off by that RL, I need at least two Tiles.

Whereas in HE Dashboards I can somewhat easily accommodate this by overlaying those two TIles into a single space on the dash, with the front-most (transparent) one accepting the taps, and the rear-most one changing appearance. There can even be intervening invisible tiles reacting to change the apparent color, etc.

I’m just trying to achieve feature parity with that, as well as how multiTiles essentially work on SharpTools (your nearest competitor, IMHO). The goal, of course, being “I want the thing tapped to be the thing that acts tapped” even if there are multiple “things” on the receiving end.

Some of the inherent snags to building this out over on the hub side (believe me, I’M TRYING!):

  1. Currently no such thing as a multi-switch device driver (only multi-button), so may have to write custom driver;
  2. Hub Variable I/O proving a tad elusive at the moment (posted about this elsewhere), but potential candidate approach to both changing something and reacting to that change on the same device/Tile;
  3. Creating multiple stand-in virtual devices and/or proxy variables, with rules to coordinate I/O, but even here you wind up with clutter on both sides (HE and HV).

I do have some ideas about how to shoe-horn this request into either the existing Device Tile template or a new Multi-Tile template**.

**we can talk about those further down this thread, if warranted.