[ENH] Bulk editing multiple tiles

Looking for a way to override multiple sensors/tiles in the dashboard at once. For example, I want to create a dashboard to show battery levels for all my sensors (temp/humidity sensors), but when I add them to the dashboard, I have to manually touch every one and change the override to battery status from the default temperature display.

If this could be done for all devices in that dashboard, it would save a ton of time and make everything so much more efficient.

I assume you’d want to mark/select only specific tiles, as if you could only apply it to ALL tiles, that wouldn’t be correct for most cases.

So really, a method to multi-select tiles, and then perform specific bulk actions (such as delete, copy, edit etc) - is that correct?

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Not that I’m suggesting otherwise, but wouldn’t such an accommodation (multi-select > multi-edit) essentially sidestep the entire purpose of TileStyles? I would for the moment argue that if you have any large grouping of similar Tiles meant to be edited in unison, that the editing should ideally be done to the first exemplar, a TileStyle created/saved based on that, and then applied to all the others (once).

Future edits to the group en masse become trivially easy. Thoughts? I realize that does not address the OP’s desire for other mass actions, like copy, delete, whatever.

The OP (I think) was looking for a way to bulk edit the label text override - ie make the bottom left label a battery value, which cannot be done via a TileSyle.

Apologies. My reading comprehension is very poor. Thx for ‘splainin’.

Correct. These are multisensors that have multiple attributes available such as temp, humidity, battery level, etc. so I want to be able to select all of the sensors and change the override to display battery, etc on all of them. When adding these tiles to a dashboard it always defaults to temperature even though there are other attributes available.

Another example: I have a “Humidity” dashboard with tiles for these same sensors that display humidity on the main middle label using an override. I had to adjust all of these label overrides manually to display this way. This gets very tedious doing it one by one.