[ENH] Compact TileStyle Editor Format

Since I enjoy the design and creation aspects of hubiVue more than any other, I spend a lot of time hunting and pecking in the TileStyle area, which I find tedious after a while. Lots of scrolling to find just the right element (e.g. Bottom Right Text Align, etc.) and not a lot of room to work in (esp. in Win app where I spend 99% of my time fiddling, where I must hide my Windows taskbar just to gain access to a single line for scrolling through this list… that space my well vanish altogether if I create one more TileStyle!).

Thus, I propose a much more compact approach to invoking TileStyle Editor, which may (if adopted) ultimately generalize to DashStyle editing as well. Here’s a mockup of the UI I envision:

Clicking each defined area would pop up an appropriate Tool dialogue, letting the User choose from the applicable palette of adjustments (here, Bottom Left Label is selected) such as Font Family, Text Size, Color, Alignment, etc. So these flyouts themselves would be economical in scope as well, only presented more “bubbly” than shown here in order to accommodate finger-tapping as well as mouse-clicking.

This approach not only simplifies and speeds up the editing process, it lets you visualize such subtleties as how the dash background will look with various Blur settings and/or Color overlays.


P.S. In the meantime, I’m going to begin counting how many CLICKS it takes to perform common tasks, such as changing label alignment, etc., under the current regime. It’s quite a few!