[ENH] Drag-n-Drop Tile Overrides to Set Precedence

Currently, one is able to define “competing” Tile Overrides, such that both may become true/active simultaneously. If they happen to share elements, the later/lower one “wins” while the Override listed higher up the list gets ignored (well, overridden).

Override A: IF lock == “locked” THEN icon = “closed lock”
Override B: IF lastCodeName == “Suzie” THEN icon = “happy face”
Result: When lock is locked, but Suzie was the last person to unlock it, the “happy face” icon will remain displayed. I may decide I want (A) to have precedence over (B), but cannot move it down the list.

If the user wishes to reverse this precedence, they have only one recourse: Delete and re-add the earlier Override.

I propose that being able to drag-and-drop or otherwise reorder the list of Tile Overrides would solve this (admittedly edge-case-y) issue.