[ENH] Further Substitute options

@g.slender loving the roadmap very much, but may I propose an expansion of the ‘Substitute’ feature, as follows?

Currently, due to where ‘Subst’ is implemented (under Labels), it operates on the selected Attribute but only for discrete values within a single Tile area (e.g. ‘Middle’).

It is also limited to specific value matches (e.g. ‘78’), meaning that a user intending to replace a range of N values (e.g. 75…80) must declare N such entries in the mapping table. (It’s unclear to me whether a decimal value like 77.7 would even match?? Anwer: “No.”) Further, a second (or third, or fourth) map would have to be declared for the other Tile areas, if desired.

My proposal is this:

Introduce another means of Subst under ‘Tile Overrides’ (I’ve probably suggested this before, sorry) such that all of the existing Attribute+Condition+Value filters become available, as shown below.

This would necessitate also introducing a new ‘Change Property’, namely ‘Substitute Text’ accompanied by (a) a field for entering the subst txt? string, as well as (b) checkbox selectors for ‘Top’, ‘Middle’, ‘Bottom Left’, ‘Bottom Right’ or ‘All’.

In other words, an Advanced version of what you’ve got now, but leveraging the immense power of the more general Override feature.

P.S. Yep, go ahead and move this into Feature Requests as appropriate. :slight_smile: