[ENH] Hover/ Fly out tiles on tap above tiles

Not sure where to put this so I’ll put it here. Feel free to move it where appropriate.
Now that we have half and quarter size tiles, it occurred to me it could be useful to have their tile fly out to full size when tapped, then return to their regular size. My use case is motion sensors that measure lux and have the lux value displayed in the lower corners which become rather cramped in half or quarter sized. I don’t particularly want these tiles full size, as I don’t need that information as often, but would be nice to temporarily blow them up to full size to be able to see this smaller detail.

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Few questions here…

So this is a dialog that shows, floating above a new tile with more information that isn’t in the original tile?

It has to float right, because there wouldn’t be room for it to just grow right??

This new information or layout of the tile - where does this come from?

Piggyback question for both of you:

Will UltraTile™ always be standard size (or larger)? Or does the roadmap include allowing an UltraTile™ to be made half- or quarter-size as well?

Asking for a friend. Thanks.

Chiming in with a suggestion toward Larry’s request:

We already have access (under EDIT > PROPERTIES > TILE ACTIONS) to “Show [ ]” in response to Tap events, such that, say, doing a Hold could “Show Level Slider” for a dimmer device (among other possibilities):

which already behaves in a “fly-out” manner.

Could the behavior he seeks be accommodated by adding “Show Attribute(s)” to that list?

Yes floats above, could even be something where it only floats while being tapped and held.
He’s is an example of the motion sensors I’m talking abiut

Notice the lower right patio sensor. The lower left label reads “23…”, in the second picture, that tile in full size reads 2323 lux” it’s not new data, just making it temporarily fully visible
it could even float out in a similar manner. Even and and hold to display would work.

Interesting idea, except this isn’t to control anything, but rather to view the current value being displayed. That’s it. To get a bit deeper in explaining why, this outdoor motion and lux sensor controls lights inside based on that lux value. If I think the rule needs to have the trigger lux vaule tweaked, I would look at this value to see what it currently is then possibly adjust the rule based in that information.

Note that my suggestion in no way involves “control” or “change”, just “show” as a read-only, dismissable pop-up.

Looks that way to me. In this instance I’m looking to view data on the tile already. Now an option in tap and hold to view specific label data would also work. I’d do a mock up, but I’m no good at it…

Ok didn’t read your whole post. Dove into trying your suggestion. Yes I think adding show attributes, or even show specific attributes could also work.

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See the ultraTile™ topic in the App Roadmap

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Been thinking about this, and will likely add a “Show ultraTile” option that allows you to show at 1x, 2x or 4x current tile size, floating above and will dismiss if you tap outside of the shown ultraTile

Using an ultraTile means you can build a custom solution to do whatever you want, including other actions etc

Like all other features, it will need votes to ensure it gets implemented before other features


Is this still in the works? This would likely fix some of my issues with ultra Tile. Thanks !

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