[ENH] Import existing HE Dashboard into HV by pasting "Layout" text

I’ve been keeping this suggestion under wraps, because (a) it could be considered a trade secret, and (b) nobody else (dash app devs) is doing this, despite the underlying method being dead simple…

Namely, allow Hubitat users to copy the text from an existing Dashboard, using its Gear Menu > Advanced > Layout section, and paste it into hubiVue. HV would then:

  • parse that into a new dash using all the same devices / tiles / labels;
  • warn when any of those devices aren’t registered with Maker API**;
  • otherwise, layout the new dash to match the one being copied;
  • since HV doesn’t allow tiles to overlap (but HE does), adjust accordingly for layouts where tiles intentionally overlap;

My working thesis here is that the JSON blob under Layout contains enough information to populate an entire working dashboard, often including Custom CSS / styling choices.


HE continues to bring aboard users from ST and Homekit, with bleedover from enthusiast sects like Home Assistant, NodeRed, etc. So many people (like me) have created one basic Dashboard, but don’t “love it” because of how frustrating the HE design UI can be. I offer this suggestion as a way for HV to free those users to upgrade with minimal rebuilding headache.

** @g.slender does such a warning already exist in case a device being used in HV somehow gets de-registered under Maker API??