[ENH] Rearrange tiles by alphabetical, type, just pack up etc

A way to auto-rearrange the tiles in a dashboard for when they get too untidy or need bringing up to the top-left corner of the dashboard. Avoids the slow way of dragging each tile 1 by 1

+1 if can be toggled on/off as I think you intend.


Voting for this feature and possible enhancement to the auto rearrange feature.

A method for multi-select of tiles in edit mode. While in multi-select mode capture the order tiles are selected by the user and assign essentially a sort order number to each tile that would in turn be used to organized either in rows tops to bottom or columns left to right.

With multi-select mode the ability to copy that selection set and then paste them on another dashboard, delete them all at once, move them as a selection set, or any other possible batch actions.

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^^This! Multi tile select movement would be more beneficial that auto alignment to me. Yeah dragging a tile at a time is a pain, but I typically have a particular order I want, not just alphabetical. This would fill that desire nicely!

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Click and hold to drag without having to select “move” from menu?

Click and hold a corner to resize without having to select “resize” from menu? (or pinch gesture on phone/tablet?)