[ENH] Substitute tile (or ultratile) based on HE device status

Would allow dynamic re-configuration of dashboard with tiles apropos to season/time-of-day/other device or virtual device status as appropriate to simplify dashboards, especially for guest users.
Please consider.

I may ask you to give a detailed example, if my guess here isn’t accurate…

What I’m hearing you suggest is, when an attribute (let’s say current House MODE) equals a certain value (say, “AWAY”), then Tile A should disappear and Tile B should appear, optionally right in the same spot on the grid.

If so, this has me wondering whether Grant could implement that with a new Tile Override of the form “Hide Tile” and “Show TIle”. Ironically, it’s the “in the same spot on the grid” that becomes the challenge, lol.

Yes, that’s it.

My specific use case is a virtual switch on HE that pauses/unpauses all my HVAC pistons to toggle between heating mode and cooling mode. When that happens, I’d like HV to toggle automatically between a heating-only thermostat and a cooling-only thermostat. So, yes, same position/different tile (or ultratile when it becomes a thing).

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Initial thinking about how ultraTile™ will be implemented is that it is a dashboard tile (ie a scaled mini-dashboard with super-special features) will be rendered in the space you define for the tile.

As you probably can tell, hubiVue uses accelerated graphics for rendering (almost all devices have them built in so no big deal leveraging it in native code as I do) - and so the idea is that it takes zero effort to render an entire dashboard inside the space of a tile.

That special ultraTile™ dashboard could be anything…

  • a bunch of tiles themselves that are labels allowing you to quickly/easily build a multi-line tile that perfectly scales to fit within the ultraTile™ space.

  • a collection of tiles arranged to have switches and labels, making a complex assembly that essentially creates that HVAC tile that you need for your specific environment, again that scales to the size that you need because its being rendered inside an ultraTile™.

ultraTile™ dashboards will be just like normal dashboards (and viewable as a dashboard) but the ultraTile™ itself will have specialised features to showOnly dashboard X or dashboard Y based on device attributes, time of day, date, and other enhanced conditions. ultraTile™ dashboards will also usher in a range of new tile types - like sliderTile and borderTile (for creating lines/borders around other tiles). In addition, ultraTile™ will be able to apply a specific background to the underlying dashboard (so your ultraTile™ dashboard will stand out from the rest of the tiles on the dashboard if you require).

How does that all sound??