[ENH] Warning for Missing Device / New Device Found

Let’s face it, devices sometimes disappear from HE, either because you manually removed them or some other change (like a parent app or custom driver updating), or due to being de-listed from Maker API.

I’d love it if, at Startup, hubiVue could quickly check for the presence of all Devices tied to existing Tiles, so that a warning could be issued letting the user know, “Device X is missing”.

Surely the converse of this situation is worth examining, since a user may later authorize more Devices in Maker API while hubiVue is still active (somewhere), and it’d be nice if HV picked up on that addition. Perhaps by periodically polling Maker API and checking one list against the other.

Missing (ie currently configured but not available on MakerAPI) is fairly easy and something straightforward to add.

New Device Found is slightly more complex, because I’d need to keep a full list of the MakerAPI device list, and compare at some point - I can’t just rely on the configured list of tiles, because fairly, you simply may have just not added all devices to all tiles etc… and that’s not a big issue.

Maybe the key here is to have a Missing / Unused Device Dialog that just lists the gaps (ie these ones are missing from MakerAPI, and these are not used by any tiles) - that you can run at anytime to see what is going on ?? But the warning about the Missing ones is good !!


Agreed all. Bonus points for including a “Filter by Attribute” component (e.g. “Battery” or “Switch” or “Variable”) and “Add to Dash” feature so you can instantly place selected device(s) onto current dashboard.

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Would this notification include devices that lost power or just went missing on the ZigBee or Z-Wave network?