[FIXED] Anomalous Behavior Editing Tile's Conditional Overrides

Two major SNAFU’s caught in action:

Having entered three different Conditional Overrides on a Tile, corresponding with the conditions “Contains ‘G’”, “Contains ‘D’”, and “Contains ‘J’”, the following weirdness occurred:

  1. Editing any of the three caused only the first to change. This left me with no choice but to delete and start over.
  2. However, when I clicked the trashcan icon next to one (I believe the first) entry, all three vanished!

Something’s up. Or else I’m misusing/abusing/overloading the “Glow Effect” and/or “Contains” feature.

BONUS REQUEST: It’d be sweet if we could, at a glance, see what the Override is truly predicated upon, rather than simply “variable ‘g’” as shown. I’d much prefer seeing “Variable contains G” or similar verbose text with each entry, for future reference.

Can you make it repeatable?

Random behaviour that isn’t repeated isn’t easy for me to find

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Repeats for me. Gonna try my best to explain what to do on your end. Let me know if DEBUG logs needed, as well:

  1. Create a Device Tile, linked to a Variable Connector on Hubitat.

  2. Define 3 similar Conditional Overrides for the Tile:
    a) Icon Glow if CONTAINS ‘h’
    b) Icon Glow if CONTAINS ‘g’
    c) Icon Glow if CONTAINS ‘j’

  3. Edit Tile > Appearance > Overrides (as shown) and click on 3rd entry to edit it, changing the ‘j’ to an ‘e’ and click OK.

  4. Observe that 1st entry receives the edit, leaving you with ‘e’, ‘g’ and ‘j’!

  5. Repeat until head explodes (1st entry always receives edits!!).

BONUS HEAD EXPLOSION: Delete the 3rd Override in the list and watch all three disappear!

I think I know what is causing this. Hold on and I’ll let you know once I’ve been able to trap the bug into a corner ready for extermination !!

Bug has been squashed !!!

Thanks for reporting this. Fixed in the next release

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“Dude, it’s my JOB!,” he said in 20 or more characters.