[FIXED] App crashes in Wizard

Vexingly, over in the Android app, Step 2 just winds up looking like this:

Kept waiting for a list of Found devices, but nothing ever appeared.

That kind of blank grey or blank anything screen means the platform crashed due to some error - that if it was running in debug/logging it would mean something to me - but unfortunately I have to try and reproduce what you did… so… can you outline what you did and repeat it? (including the conditions leading up to this) ??

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You’re going to hate me but it basically was the following steps:

Open the 1.2.8 Android app

Go to the view dashboard of your default grid

Click the edit dashboard mode from the left menu

Tap the pencil icon

Tap the wizard button

Tap the multiple rooms and leave select all selected

Tap next

The end

I can’t reproduce this. There is an option to email config and the MakerAPI device list. Can you email me this.

Yes, I purposely sat tight on both the Fire 8 and Android phone, not changing anything until I heard from you about it. I’ll go look for that option now!

I don’t I properly outlined the steps leading up to this:

Namely, I went to Apps > Maker API > clicked list of allowed devices > checked the box on about 15 more items (perhaps unchecking one or two in the process?) > Done

Went back to hubiVue, ran the Wizard-y bit I mentioned above.

I followed the steps you outlined, everything worked as intended. Could it be something in your device?

UPDATE: We surmise that my problem stemmed from having multiple copies of the app “active” (on different platforms) simultaneously. I believe Grant fixed the issue that same evening.

tl;dr It was really a “Me” problem.

Folks - a serious bug was uncovered that was very platform specific. Technically, it was my code trying to concurrently access a data list, and that wasn’t a thread-safe thing to do. It would only occur in very rare conditions, that fortunately @LibraSun was able to re-produce fair consistently.

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