[FIXED] Border doesn’t update theme

In 1.2.8 (Web) I’m noticing that when I set Border Width to 0 in my custom Theme, and that Theme is applied to the current Dash…

… its Tiles still show the visible border thickness (unchanged from the default 2.6) set previously:

At first, my attempts at reapplying the Theme (after backing out of any open dialogues) didn’t change anything. BUT pressing F11 to un-maximize and again to maximize the Chrome browser pane containing hubiVue forced the style change to appear, with tiles now borderless:

Definitely not a bug, but a bit unexpected behavior in the sense that virtually all other style changes seem to happen in real time without a refresh.

Looks like a bug. Thanks for finding it :sunglasses::muscle:

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Fixed. Will be in the next release

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