[FIXED] Case sensitivity in tile overrides

running the latest build (257) and added a new tile via the wizard for my aircon unit.

Have noticed that the icon glows and spins always because the tile override is configured for thermostatMode != off, however the thermostatMode being reported is actually Off and so the override doesn’t work as intended.

Is it possible to fix it so that its case insensitive?

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Fixed. In build #260

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And I’m back to ask that Conditional Overrides be granted the option of not being case-insensitive:

It’s all sunshine and daffodils until you want to distinguish a Hub Variable containing “A” versus “a”, and trying to apply a different Override to each. (In the above example, I’m trying to pick an icon based on whether the watched attribute equates to either “A1O” or “A1x” and noticed the ol’ lowercase filter had been applied behind the scenes.)


There is no issue with case sensitivity here. Explain in detail what you think is occuring.

EDIT: unless you’re saying you’re trying to compare ‘A1x’ and ‘a1x’ and saying there is a difference between them?

Yes. Disregarding for a moment the somewhat unrelated/unaffected “A1X/A1O” example I included above, I’m really talking about being able to distinguish between “A” and “a” pure and simple.

Working example: In a RM5.1 rule, I may begin with a string “abcdef” and through the course of operations modify it (using Variable > Set String > Replace) to something like “abCDef”. Meanwhile, back on hubiVue, I have six Tiles, each with an Override that looks like this:

IF var == ‘a’ use ICON ‘X’
IF var == ‘A’ use ICON ‘Y’

I know it may seem kooky out of context, but I think I’m right in asserting that under most String comparison regimes, one doesn’t automatically regard capitals and their lowercase counterparts as “the same thing.” Rather, that’s the exception IMHO.

Don’t disagree. Change will require a roadmap enhancement (adding an option to disable case insensitivitiy), and given priorities, it might be easier for you to just use variables that aren’t similar when looking at the values through the eyes of case insensitivity.

It’s all good. I can certainly proceed with my current project unimpeded.

Just didn’t wanna let this topic fester. Thanks for listening!