[FIXED] "Contains" override misbehaving

I set a Device tile to display a chosen icon whenever “Level” > “Contains” > 0, as shown here:

on the assumption that a Level of 10, 20, 30, etc. would trigger the effect.

However, the effect never manifests, despite deliberately setting the Level to one of those values.

Furthermore, upon inspection, the Tile summary looks like this:

notably lacking the word “Contains”. Seems like an omission to me.

P.S. Override does work as expected when I use Icon > IF > Switch > Contains > “n”. The icon appears when Switch is “On” and disappears when “Off”. Still, the display showing “when switch ‘n’” is a bit disconcerting, and should read “when switch contains ‘n’”.

okay, so the issue here was that I was doing a check to see if value being compared to and compared with are both numbers, and if so, I only did the numeric type comparisons.

I’ve since reworked the code to allow both numeric and text based comparisons. Fix will be in an release in the future (possibly 1.4.1)

This is consistent in that the double quotes " is for contains, the = symbol for equals and [ ] for any of etc. These symbols etc are all shown in the drop down when you choose the comparison type.

The reduction of the words on the screen allow for tiny screens that need to keep the words to a min. Thinking there is no change here as this as it isn’t broken, and just something you’re not used to.