[FIXED] Copy and paste dash links

I just created 8 dashboards and I’m trying to copy and paste the same dash links at the top of each dashboard but after few copy and paste, it lost some tiles I already copied.

I even tried to save after each changes, but I still have the problem,

Do you have a reproducible sequence? I can’t seem to replicate that.

I finally was able to copy all of them. I was copying 8 dash links to every dashboard and i lost one at a time occasionally. It happened more often when i was copying them without saving very often. But there is no pattern.

I think I know what it might be… let me guess, it happened when you had large gaps between when you last saved. The short gaps (when you saved regularly as needed) it seemed to always work yeah?

This is due to a bug where the config refresh is occurring clobbering unsaved changes - I will fix this in an upcoming release. Thanks for the bug find :stuck_out_tongue:

Then that’s good ! It seems to work better if I save often. Good job, continue your good work.

Yep. Fixed in the next release