[FIXED] Dash Link tile inoperative under initial conditions [PC]

tl;dr A newly created Dash Link tile fails to navigate as intended until edited.

Steps to reproduce:
Start with a handful of existing Dashes (call them Hub_Default, Hub_Pg1, Hub_Pg2, and Hub_Pg3).
Create a new Dash (call it Rental).
Place a [+] > New > Special Tile > Dash Link, set to the default destination of “Hub_Default”.
Save and leave Edit Mode.
Click on the new dash link.
Observe that nothing happens.
(Optional: Enter and exit “View” and “Edit” mode, and/or navigate among all Dashes manually, as often as you like.)
Return to “Rental” dash and Edit > Dash Link > Properties > select “Hub_Default” again from destinations drop-down.
Save and leave Edit Mode.
Click on “Dash Link” tile.
Get taken to “Hub_Default” dash as expected.

Definitely a bug and sorted in v1.4 beta - release coming soon

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