[FIXED] Deleting a Theme may reassign same-named Theme

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Experiment using a Dash assigned an existing Theme (‘Test’ theme).
  2. Go into Theme Editor and create another Theme named ‘Test’. Save.
  3. Go into Theme Editor and DELETE original ‘Test’ theme.
  4. Try to change Dash’s theme, observing it’s already assigned (new) ‘Test’.
  5. In order to apply new ‘Test’ theme, you must select a different-named Theme, and then select ‘Test’, whereupon the alteration will take hold.

Esoteric bug, yes. A problem to address nevertheless, yes. :slight_smile:

Themes are actually assigned via a themeID which is not shown/published. Are you sure if you do not refresh that you don’t get the new Test theme applied? It might be just that the old theme, whilst deleted, isn’t removed from the cache in the app.

Maybe test that before we look further into this.

Also, I don’t really follow this step… the theme change is a Carousel Slider, and the new Test theme would be shown along with the other Themes.

When you delete a theme, the dashboards assigned themeID would he invalid and would be assigned to the first theme in the list. So wondering if the problem is that it is shown as “being selected” when in fact it hasn’t actually been changed internally. That could be the bug.

I just ran a few tests and can see what you mean. I’ll investigate further and see what’s causing this

It gets a little weirder… this morning, when I fired up HV, I swear that the “bright yellow and green” Theme I’d been using for testing (called, unimaginately, ‘Testing’) is now gone. And the dash to which that Theme had been assigned now has a completely different look b/c it took on another Theme all by itself.

Will monitor, but I definitely did NOT make such changes myself!!

Found the culprit. Should be fixed in the next release, but do keep an eye on this

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