[FIXED] Edit menu pop-under?

FYI, while developing a dashboard and editing a tile that is at the bottom of the dashboard, the tile’s edit menu pops up but it stays under the tab bar making the bottom of the menu unusable. Turning off the Tab bar while editng gets around this problem making this a minor issue.

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Can you show me a screenshot so I can replicate exactly what you’re seeing

Bingo! that’s what I’m seeing.

Is that an old version because that bug was fixed. What version of hubiVue was that? Also, can I have the full screen please.

Latest version xxx92

I’m going to need a full screenshot so I can understand the situation you are creating as to why you have a tile that cannot be auto-scrolled into view (which is what happens now if you click on a tile in edit mode - it will be scrolled into view)

So if this isn’t working then I need to see what you’ve done to stop this from occuring.


The screen as it first appears after selecting its tab:

The screen after I select edit mode:

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Sure, but what’s the problem? If you tap a tile at the bottom, it should (and does for me) scroll up and show the tile without it being massively obscured.

The screen after selecting the tile to edit it:

The screen after i have moved a tile:

The screen after I tap on the moved tile:

Sorry about all the posts, my internet connection couldn’t handle all at once.

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That’s the sequence where it must be a bug… let me try this and see if I can repeat the scenario, because I’m guessing if you save and view the dashboard and go back, it will allow the tile to have more space below and scroll up.

It looks like you’re right . I saved it and the problem went away. So it is just within an editing session I’m having the problem.

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I was able to duplicate the issue with a nearly empty dash board as well. By moving a tile low on the board i got the same behavior.

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Can confirm happening again in 1,4,.4.14092

Thanks everyone - have sorted a fix for this and the next Beta/Release will have this included.