[FIXED] Error on Tap action = Open URL (not in browser)

Using Build 15121 from MS App Store (nice, btw!), first run, I set up a Special Tile > HTML with a Tap action of “Open URL” wherein “Open in browser” is unchecked.

For the URL, I inserted a known-good “Local endpoint” for an RM5.1 rule that toggles a light in the same room. On tapping the tile, the command was clearly executed, as the rule immediately ran as expected.

However, this also happened (viewing with Windows Chrome, both latest) with each tap of the Tile:

For the record (in case it matters), the unique endpoint URL is of the form:


Ahhh good catch. The code assumes either no response or something as json. I’ll update it to ignore the response.

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Fixed in next release.

FYI the issue is due to a bug in Hubitat whereby it is returning malformed json code, of which the app is correctly complaining about, but I’ve since changed the code to silently ignore any returned results and just check the status code of the HTTP request (> 200 & < 300 as being ok and anything else is reported as an error).

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