[FIXED] goes offline and won't reconnect

Hi Grant, after activating my complimentary subscription on my desktop and trying to control devices, I get nothing, and attempting to edit the desktop tile, the properties are blank, as if the app can’t reach the hub, but the menu shows the hub as “online” but when trying to change the tile properties, it only says “default” and is greyed out.
Possible contributing factor? The app has been running on my desktop for about 6 days, and without restarting it, I activated the subscription, but not sure that’s related. My android version of app is fine, but it was started fresh. I feel like this could be an issue for folks who like to leave the dashboard running 24/7 on desktop.

PS- i know the door icon has no FX, but here’s a lamp that also lost its fx

Yes, I think you are correct. There is a bug with long running connections where the app won’t re-connect correctly after disruptions and/or service outages. I’ve seen a few cases where the re-connect isn’t occurring as expected. Will dig into it.

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Ah, and of course you are correct. Just restarted on desktop, and it now works fine.

Have actually found a few things wrong with the connection code and it now has been completely re-written to be more robust. This fix and other for how hubiVue connects is in the next release to be published soon.

Hi Grant, it seems on both Android and Windows long running connections are still acting up. It seemed the desktop is able to recover in most instances whereas Android I have to kill the app and restart.
1.2.4 is my current version

Can you describe the scenario again - or is it just wait 24 hours and it disconnected etc

Actually, I think I found an issue that I’ve fixed and will be in the next release due soon. Thanks for mentioning this again and making me double check scenarios. Hopefully this next release will sort it for good :+1:


Thank you, this is the session I started last night when I posted the issue, this is from right now

PS- not sure if relevant, but fios is having issues today on the east coast, spotty connections for me

Sorry, what is fios ??

Also, next time it goes offline on Android, can you confirm if simply tapping the [ Hub: offline ] menu item in the menu (under the logo) gets the app back connected again…??

Sorry forgot you’re not in the USA. Fios is an internet provider supplying gigabit fiber to homes in the northeast.
I’ll check on my cell if tapping brings the app back online

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Posting related non-bug report here, in case anything coincides…

When my PC goes to sleep while “HV for Windows” is running, and I return later, I most often see the “Hub Offline” message. The app seems not to rectify the connection itself. Is that to be expected?

Further, when I take a moment to click Menu > Hub: Offline, the connection is always refreshed immediately and good to go.

Eager to hear if app (1.3.4 fyi) should be trying that reconnect automatically.

Probably so for desktop apps… :frowning:

The platform LifecycleStates are not correctly tracked in macOS and Windows - so when those environments sleep, the app doesn’t know, and keeps trying to connect, fails and eventually goes offline permanently (as designed).

Eventually the development framework used will close this gap, but for now, it is another platform inconsistency that would require a lot of effort to close out.

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